Ending Conflict and Building Peace in Africa
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Ending Conflict and Building Peace in Africa

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Time: 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET (19:30 – 21:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: Online

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This high-level event chaired by African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka will present the findings of the recently launched Ending Conflict and Building Peace in Africa: A Call to Action, a high level panel report on fragile states in Africa. The event will bring together policy makers, development practitioners and others to discuss best ways to broker new partnerships that support African states as they develop regional and international frameworks and processes that build the basis for reconciliation, peace and prosperity.

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Vice President, Africa Region, World Bank Group
Co-Chair, LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development
Minister for International Development, Finland
Minister of Finance, Republic of Liberia
Deputy Secretary General, United Nations
UN Special Advisor and Assistant Secretary General Civilian Capacities, High Level Panel Member
Visiting Professor to the African Studies Program - Georgetown University, High Level Panel Member
Chief Institutional Economist & Former Governance Advisor in Indonesia, The World Bank
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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Is human civilization going to fight wars for millions of years? Why can't peace be restored in Africa? Why can't UNO and the World Bank become so powerful that they can keep the people/ organisations/ nations and other entities having vested interest away from Developing the Nation/ Region/ World? Sorry for direct question but, the day has come to call spade a spade, other wise, progress and development of this world will be stalled for ever. Hope you'll touch this point in this important discussion.
Jean-Jacques Souchet
Cote d'Ivoire
Your discussion will be totaly useless if you don't face the real problem. Most African countries are still under colonial dominancy and most of the conflicts are trigger by the pretended "ex colonial" countries willing to protect their interests. And no true independancy can be set up when the currency of a country is managed by another one like it is with the CFA managed by FRANCE. Should you avoid this subject, nothing constructive could be done.
Immanuel Haihonya
1. Why many Africa states are still being ruled by very-old-man as Head of State?. My concern is that this trends in most cases lead to internal conflict caused by lack of trust in government of the day resulted from solidarity politics, corruption and disgraced mindset of liberation legacy. As SADC Peacekeeping and Peacbuilding Practitioner, I suggest that young and fresh-minded educated Economists, Lawyers, engineers and Geologists should be elected to drive the country's economy with vision to tap in what the development economy can offer. World Bank should also STOP its development support to static-rule-states whose citizens continue to suffers of economic recess, political repression for years due to authoritarian or dictatorship political leadership. 2. When will many African states either through integrated Regional Economic Communities (RECs)collectively satisfy our socio-economic interest first at expense of political interests? All we hear is the old song of "African solutions to African problems" yet the survival of the society depend on the external development aid/support from international community. 3. AFRICAN CONTINENT is gifted with natural resources enough to fight poverty in our societies/communities. Why is that acute poverty continue to ripe on African societies when all Countries have thus attained political independence? Who is not envisioned economic development for all citizen? Of course, veteran politicians who does not recognize effective response to the world development landscapes. Thank you, I am a Namibian studying toward a Postgraduate Diploma in Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding at UNITAR in Geneva, Switzerland.
Burhan Yusuf
i live in a conflict based environment where every year/month conflict happens simultaneously, and i wanna get some advice to star handling these issues as little as i can. waiting your advice. thank u guys.
Lovelyn Samai
Sierra Leone
There is problem all over in African what the Bank is doing to come to the help of the suffering one?
Nathaniel V. Gbessie
What is the way forward to the development of Africa
Congo, Dem. Rep.
Why the CONTROL PANEL/BOARDS is not strong enough to deal with all irregularities described inside the International system ? (TRY to overview all international crisis, you will noticed the failure of the international communities, especially to understand the main root of different conflicts/ problems in the world)
mulusew kebede
Currently Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries/2nd/ in the world. This makes peoples internal conflict and the government refuses to facilitate for his citizens to find job out of the country. The other thing is as you know up to 1991 Ethiopian and Eritrean people have the same race, culture, norm, ethics.But starting from the aforementioned period the completely separated by the judgement of the ruling party.This made the conflict of the forcefully separated citizens. lastly Ethiopia and Egypt have differences on the dam which is constructed by Ethiopia which may lead to conflict. So how manage to solve such kind of conflicts?
how can we stop war in Africa?
Cote d'Ivoire
How come that the more we talk about peace, the more conflict situation increases in Africa? How to match action with words?
B erhane Gebremariam Debretzion
Do you really think to find a way out for this Con illusione!
Prince Kemokai
Do the world bank have a hand in rebuilding Liberia?
Abdikair M. Warsame
Hello First greetings from Somalia, Somalia is still under conflict with different process from 1991 up to date, such as clan functions lead by the warlords, Islamist functions, and now Al-shabab Vs existing administrations in Somalia. And another element of conflict next may come with another group who are unknown at this moment. Are all this ideology from the Somalis or there are external ideology? What is the role of the international community? How can we achieve stability and peace?
Arthur R. M. Becker
I want to thank the panel of experts for making themselves available to address the many concerns some of us may have. I would like to ask members of the panel on what practical steps and approaches have the International community, through the World Bank, the UN, the African Development Bank to increase youth visibility into the mainstream of decision making, and building sustainable Peace in Africa and the world? Can Africa's development truly come to fruition in the mist of adverse poverty on the continent? What are steps that fragile states must take to ensure that they don't go back to crisis?
Dr. Jay A. Drosin
United States
I have worked in both the public and private sectors for 28 years throughout Africa, I see the same thing, political priorities never matching with realities in the field. Donor partners never demanding conditionality that is realistic and enforceable and governments who are corrupt and self serving, the true resolution to conflict is putting the population to work to confer security, dignity and collaborate to rebuild lagging infrastructure. We continue to put a bandaid on a suppurating wound. What should be done?
mustapha sesay
Sierra Leone
how can we end the conflicts when world powers continue to manufacture arms and dangerous weapons to be sold to developing countries
Mustapha Tejan
Sierra Leone
What role the wold bank playing in ensuring that, those commuting crime in war town African countries are speedily brought to justic?
Edward Munda Jah
Sierra Leone
IN MY OPINION, THESE ARE THINGS TO CONSIDER IN BRINGING AN END TO CONFLICTS IN AFRICA. Africa is one region that heavily rely on donor funds for it daily affairs. Africans in my opinion are not willing to take responsibility of their own fate thus the blame game on: • slave trade • colonial rule • Neo-colonialism via multinational companies, trade agreements, IMF conditionality, MDGs, restrictions on donor funds based on donor interest, the following of western experts as though there were no qualify Africans to do the works • the non-compliance of some great countries to some international treaties • the universality of human right without due consideration of African cultures, • African leadership painting of good governance, rule of law, recognition and protection of human right, justice and equality for all due to external pressure to meet certain target points • The damning of the minority opinion in governance • The accreditation of regimes against the will of the citizenry by the west • The incitement of the opposition against their governments in Africa • Uneven distribution of the national wealth • The uneven representation of regions, ethnic groups and gender in governance especially in executive arm and public service • The role of the western media in Africa. The aforementioned to me are key to ending conflict in Africa. MY QUESTIONS: 1. What is the analysis on the conflicts in Africa? 2. What new strategies have we got to: • Rebuild the lost trust of the conflicting parties? • Allay their fears? • Assures them of the future? 3. Which approach do we intend to use in ending the conflicts in Africa: • Western? • African? • Integrated? • Others? 4. Is this a project that is tag with timeline?
M. Amjad Tunis
Peace building is cardinal in Africa and in achieving this, African leaders must govern in a way that her citizens will entrust them with the state and their lives. In doing so, governments must build reliable institutions that will address bulk majority of the problems associated with societal expectations like basic needs such as creating job opportunities, good health facilities, strengthen the judiciary systems by making it more independent and of course with equal opportunity to justice,mold the minds of her citizens by providing free access to education just to name a few. On the other hand, every African gov't must stand tall and firm to fight corruption because if this' not done, I am sorry to say that our efforts might be thrown to the sea.
Ngombu Kpawor
How can African leaders unity and help end conflict in Africa? Is it trough the A.U?
Captian Rubaani
as we know there are many reason that shows Africa will not get any development,prosperity and peace, also there is no way forward, but the reality is that the conflict will continue unless the USA interest lastly my question is why Africa is in sleeping ???
Usif Rahman Sesay
Sierra Leone
Why is it that aid is only given towards rebuilding and not support to strengthen the democratic practices already in places where democratic practices are uphold
Somali crisis over the past 20 years: from Cold War to civil war (1988-91); state collapse, clan war and famine (1991-92); and international humanitarian intervention in the 1990s. They outline how some Somali communities have drawn on traditional institutions to promote reconciliation and develop local systems of governance. The article reviews international and regional reconciliation efforts in Somalia, and the impact of these on peace, why still Donors and western countries not ready to help Somalian people there is now new page in somalia no face to face war inside city no TFG government Somalian people are ready to wake up and almost they start but the only question i need to get answer is why the world still playing for us?
Worku Tariku
i do not expect any positive result from the discussion unless the real causes of conflict in Africa are dealt with.how is it possible to expect any tangible outcome from this discussion where many conflicts in Africa today have their root in the era of colonization? the colonizers purposely divided the same people having the same language, culture religion etc.this is one of the reasons.
Mukhtar Omar Ali
first,Iam from Somaliland not Somalia, Why World Bank is not looking forward helping the Island of Peace and Democracy, Somaliland?, You( western)only look for your own interests.
Ahmed dool
Africa is a content which lives a different communities. the nations of African counties are mostly on disputed the colonial boundaries,how is the possible way to but an end boundaries disputes,in order to maintain peaceful co,existence among African countries
African Rennaicence
1. When will African leaders genuinely work for the poor people rather than their own pockets? 2. When will African leaders start thinking about the whole country, regardless of religion, ethnicity..rather than their own clan/tribe? 3. When will the pockets of African leaders and their masters be full, so the poor people can share the left overs? 4. When will African leaders start building infrastructure to the marginalized communities regardless of their genealogy? 5. When will African leaders for ones say no to their masters and yes to their own people? 5. Where is all the revenue from oil, gas, gold and other rich African resources when more than 80% of African population is below poverty line? 6. Why do African leaders couldn't create the necessary plat form to use the resource and profession African diaspora? 7. Why do African leader fail to participate the youth and establish strong youth nationalistic youth movements? 8. Why do African leaders, after more than 50 years of independence, fail let alone eradicate illiteracy but educate 50% of their respective people? THE LIST IS ENDLESS AND THERE IS NO HOPE TILL AFRICAN LEADERS COME OUT OF THEIR NARROW ETHNIC BASED POLITICS AND START TO THINK ABOUT THE POOR IMPOVERISHED PEOPLE.ONE MORE THING, MULUSEW KEBEDE FROM ETHIOPIA, FORGET ABOUT ERITREA JUST FOCUS AT HOME AND TRY TO CHANGE SOMETHING.
The main problem for African conflict is because of LUCK OF GOOD GOVERNESS and except some African leaders others r thinking and living for themselves.so my question is why African union is not capable of stopping conflict?
Sierra Leone
Anger is what brings about stress. most stress management tools have failed. what is the biblical tool that can be used to resolve conflict in other areaslike sirra leone
hi thank you
Mahamed ahmed
Its good to end conflicty of africa. But why your separite somalia and somaliland.? Somaliland was declared independency how to seems this?
James Kerkulah
Conflicts in Africa are fueled by super powers and international organisations, either directly or otherwise by supporting one faction against another. Building peace in Africa requires employing the resources to benefit every citizen and upholding justice and the rule of law for all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, education, affiliation, and the like. My question to the Panel is this: how can Africa and African leaders reduce the influences of super powers in fueling conflicts in our continent and what are the ways forward in ensuring equitable distribution of resources and upholding justice and the rule of law for all? Like my country Liberia, corruption is endemic and common practice in every sector of the economy, especially in government circles and nothing seems to be done about it. Corrupt officials are hailed as heroes but if you are straight forward and try to live a simple and gentle life, people take you for fool. Our government makes lots of promises about fighting corruptions and even go to the extent of instituting agencies like the Anti-Corruption, Internal Audit, General Auditing Commission, etc, but the works of these agencies are not acted upon to show case government's commitment to fighting corruption. Government and government agencies are run on friendships and connections which thereby leads to only few enjoying the resources of the country....with the majority of the people living on less than a dollar a day. In my opinion, unless these issues are addressed and resolved, ending conflicts and building peace in Africa are light years away...dreams that would never come to fruition.
Kehleboe Gongloe
The fundamental problem is the elistic approach to solving problems that affect ordinary people. Why 'High Panel' discussion? Many of the burning issues in Africa do not affect the so-called 'High Panel' participants; rather they benefit either directly or indirectly and therefore have no or little motivation to seek solutions. Africa is the most diversed continent in the world with very energetic and creative people. We cannot have a one-size-fit-all approach to issues on this continent. We need to have a regional dialogue which will involve a national dialogue across countries within each region.
first of all i have a great thanks to this groups!!who stands for peace and prosperity to we Afrikaans!as you know we africanse always have bad image.that is war,poverty, so and so on....so,how can we reach to the climax of peace?and why don't we stop that long lasting rival of clans conflict? so what i want to say is that,you blessed groups please show us how we come more closer than ever!!like European union,and united states of America!!we were a great and we will be!!i thank you!!
Hye Ji Yoo
Korea, Rep.
What do you think is the biggest obstacle to build peace in Africa?
Amos Gaitaweh
can local organization receive support from world bank
David Emiliano
South Sudan
The main causes of the African Conflicts are attributable to Bad Governance and persistent Socioeconomic problems.In the light of this argument, What is the role of the World Bank in promoting Socio-Economic Development at the grass-root levels in conflict affected communities, with less or no Government involvement given the rampant corruption in Most African States ?
Clement Maring Samuel
South Sudan
What are the immediate mechanisms put in place to end conflict in Africa? And how can World Bank immediately intervene in providing development opportunities in Africa?
Umuganwa Joss
Im from Rwanda 20 years of rememberance people we I a started small project in Rwanda for women and children but we still have some families outside how can you help me to help those who are still behind outside country for example the King of Rwanda I need to help this man I dont what to do he lives alone no income atlist lets start with one person who is old he does not know what to do my website www.bonberger.nl thank you
Zeynu Nuri
how to resolve confilect in Africa the whole.
South Africa
What are your thoughts on a well-managed, meticulous process of redrawing African colonial borders to better coincide with ethnic- and linguistic realities as a means of conflict prevention? Thank you
Girma Amare
1.What is the reason behind the involvement of USA in fighting "terrorist" in Somalia? I mean did the African Union ask for help on this? if not don't you think that this act of USA is under mining the sovereignty of our continent? 2. To end conflict in Africa, the AU should be strong enough to put sanction on those countries which don't have free and fair election. how much is is AU strong enough to take such action?
Sondes Ben Chagra
Why ending conflict and building peace in Africa matters for developped countries?, what are the criteria used to prioritize countries where action needs to be taken?, natural resources, may be?!
Efforts made at Ending conflict in Africa are most welcome. What needs to be considered first is to know the origin of the conflicts and the way they materialize. In my view the two critical and serious origin/reasons are: 1. Mal governance 2. Impunity: 3. exclusion: Some groups or communities are being exluded in the sharing of resources, political power, education, rigged elections, culturaland racial descrimination... As long we do not address these issues seriously ending conflict will not happen The institutions and international organizations intervene aftward (only when a conflict has started) . We should prevent conflicts from happening rather wait until conflicts are there to design actions to end them. Watchdogs should be set up.
Congo, Dem. Rep.
Don't look yourself better then others. I believe if everyone could give value to others people and avoid the ego spirit we can have peace in Africa. plus we need to forgive each other for the past. Then Peace will be restored. In all level treat others in humility, in love and in respect
i think africans must start with one thing, that is funding AU(African union).if it is cob-able to set sanctions to those who dont respect the rules and regulations of the union. if the AU stands and will respected by international community surely it can work for all of us.look those dictators do if they want go out of AU they creat relation with others, so make the others to respect AU.
Jussi Ojala
Only 1 out of 8 high-level speakers is women. About same share as female parliamentarians in Somalia. Yet, I am not worried if the men are succssfully raising equal rights. What can be done to gain added momentum to UNSCR 1325 in Africa?
Cajetan C. Okehie
Is deliberate exclusion of African youth(s) from political leadership positions in Africa not robbing the continent the opportunity of her best brains leading it with exceptional vigor and zeal? What is your plan towards reversing this ugly trend??