A Conversation with Malala Yousafzai
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A Conversation with Malala Yousafzai

Date: Friday, October 11
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT approx. (17:00 – 18:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: World Bank Headquarters and Online

Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year old educational campaigner from Swat Valley, Pakistan, will speak about her passionate fight for girls’ education. One year ago, Malala was targeted by the Taliban and shot in the head as she was returning from school on a bus. She miraculously survived and continues her campaign for education. She is the youngest nominee ever for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Malala champions universal access to education through the Malala Fund, which focuses on helping girls around the world go to school and raise their voices for the right to education.

A photo collage of various girls from around the globe. Image of Malala photo copyright: Antonio Olmos. Remaining photos: Copyright: World Bank Group

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Photo of Malala Yousafzai. Photo copyright held by Antonio Olmos
President, World Bank Group
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Marie Angele Abanga
Dear Malala, I admire your courage and am glad you recovered from that heinous and shameless attack both physically and psychologically.I just wish to know what your personal experience is about the difference between a girl's access to education and a boy's access in your country. If you have the chance to return to your country someday what will you do?
Edwin Ekene Uhara
First, I want to commend this young lady for her courage and zeal to taking up a great cause like this. But then, my question to her is what is her motivating factor in this struggle? How effective can she say her struggle has been considering the fact that many girls especially in Africa are out of school? How does she relate with other activists concerning her campaigns? And finally, who is her role-model in the struggle? Thanks, Iam Comrade Edwin Ekene Uhara, an activist and Public Affairs Commentator!
Hai Malala How are You? I wishing you for fight for girls education.i know you are fighting for girls education but my question is what is your ultimate aim/dream(other than fighting for girls education,if any?)
Rachael Mitchell
United Kingdom
You are very brave standing up for womans rights. I am a 14 year old British girl and you a an Idol to me and lots of other people. My question is did your encounter with the taliban make you stronger in your fight?
shakeel Ahmed Mahar
I would like to ask question from My sister Mama, would you Please come Pakistan to help less privileged girls who are living in remote areas where they have not access of schools and other facilities.
United States
Will this event be available only through live stream? Will media be able to attend, and if so, how can I register as media for the Malala discussion?
Mohamed cheikh baba ahmed
الآنسة مالالا من وجهة نظرك كيف يمكن ان تصل فكرة ضرورة التمدرس إلى بلدان مايعرف اليوم بالعالم الثالث
Nishar mohiyuddin
Hai Malala hw are you? If u dont mind can i ask u a question! What all problems you were suffering while taliban attack?
Chandrakant Pateshwari
Hi MALALA , I also want to spread the light of education for women in my village. For this i have to change the mindset of the orthodox people. Kindly tell me how to initiate the work so that we can see the equality between men and women? Thanks n Regards Chandrakant Pateshwari Country :-INDIA State:- BIHAR.
Will you enter politics in future for improving standard of pakistan and fighting for rights of girls?
Attar Peshawer
My little sister Mlala ..... Why do you think you received all this attention in the Western media , while not favored young children who received the bombs from remotely piloted aircraft across Waziristan, or even those who step on them Pakistani army tanks in the Swat Valley, tenth of tenth of tenth of this interest?!! ?!!! I hope that you have to answer this question has Aiana search him for an answer "
Asad khan
Malala the entire world is proud of you/i more so because you are from my country.i started going to a girls school founded for girls by one sheikh Abdulla and his wife waheed jahan in the face of tough opposition at Aligah,india 100 years ago.my good wishes are with you/
Hi Malala, My best wishes to you on your rightful demands for girl child education.I would like to know about something on the below questions from your experience in swat valley. Q1. what are all different factors which are curtailing female children to become educate in swat valley.? Q2. Did you observe any remedies to address this social evil.?
asasullah khan
Olivia Msimuko
There are so many heart wrenching stories in Zambia that I am so passionate about. Will Girl rising come through one day to help tell our story and work with organisations like CAMFED that are supporting young girls in Zambia to get an education?
Araceli Wilk
United States
I am 10 years old and I live in Texas. What were you feeling when the man walked on the bus and asked for you before you were shot?
Jullie Pfeffer
You are an incredibly brave young woman and your fight for universal education is incredibly inspiring. My question is two-fold. In a country that is noted for its oppression of women, what childhood experience(s) gave you the strength and determination to rise against the social and religious norms of your country and advocate for the education of girls? How can parents throughout the world foster in their children the same intolerance for injustice and passion for education that you possess?
Hi.we are very happy to see you in good health now. God bless yoU. Media says you became famous because you took Stand against Taliban. Can you please let us know about Your achievements before media discovered you, your efforts for girls education which brought you media attention. People usually get famous on Media after actually doing Something. Best wishes.
Dalia Fernanda Márquez Añez
Venezuela, RB
1. Do You believe that the restrictions for women to study, are related with religious principles, or, is a male instinct to rejection, to the overcoming female?. 2. From Venezuela, We the girls from Youth Together in Action wants to congratulate you because you are a inspiration for all the women in world, and We want to know how began your passion for the right to education to the girls in world.
Hannah Glass
United States
Dear Malala, when I first heard your story on the news a year ago, I was aghast that a girl my age was shot for wanting something so simple as an education. Your speeches voice what I have always wanted to say, but could never come up with the words to say. As a blessed teenager living in America, how can I help the movement to bring education to world? Also, how can I help to promote healthy Muslim-Christian relations? Keep going girl! God bless!
United States
Dear Malala, You are a heroine to women of all ages. I am 40 and have followed your recovery and brave return to public life with great interest. I am continually amazed by your wisdom and kind and generous spirit. Sincerely yours, Robin
Jemima Maycock
What would you word of advice would you say to everyone you wants to make a difference in the world, just like you?
United Kingdom
Initially you recieved much support from within Pakistan, yet now this seems to've largely/relatively(?) fallen away & been replaced with some resentment & even hostility by some. Why is this?, Do any of the criticisms have any validity? does this phenomena matter. Thank you & I admire your bravery
Dear Malala, First of all I am proud of you as a human being and then as a Pakistani. I accept that we have been growing this extremism in our country for decades with the funding from America and Saudi Arabia. Now this mindset which is no more than a few points percentage of the whole society. They are the people who first have been served by International intelligence and Pakistani intelligence agencies and now the friends of past are the enemies of present. One drone attack comes and one terrorist dies but as a reaction they send a suicide attack in our streets in Pakistan and hundreds of young Malalas are dying everyday in this war between these two groups. You are a ray of hope in this situation. You are right that this war can only be won with minds and hearts, with educating Malalas, with eradicating extremism. I can only pray for your mission because now I have no courage to see my people dying everyday between these proxy wars. GOD BLESS YOU!
Haotian Xu
United States
Hi Malala, thank you for everything you've done for the cause of education. History has proven that education and peace go hand-in-hand. However, this fact is not widely known. How do you recommend going about educating others about education? What are some prerequisites to doing so effectively, especially in impoverished countries?
Isabella D'Cunha
I lost a sister who was barely 23 to domestic abuse in Pakistan back in the 1980s. I know you have championed the issue of girls education in Pakistan for a year now. Now that you have the world attention & forum, would you use it to broach the subject of domestic abuse of women in Pakistan?
United Kingdom
Dear Malala - I just wondered how much, if any, access you or your friends had to the internet in Pakistan? What do you think the role of increased internet access and availability of social media could have on the education and empowerment of girls throughout the world in future?
Dear Malala, Thank you for taking time to answer questions. I was wondering how school was going for you and if you have had the time to continue your studies with all the media attention? Do you have any plans to attend a college or university? What will your major be? Best of luck my dear. You're a bright and inspiring young woman.
Munawer Khwaja
Dear Malala, You are my hero. We were hoping that you would get the Nobel Prize this year. Are you disappointed. I am.
Dear Malala, I am constantly inspired by what you do, refusing to remain silent and instead speaking out on issues that don't just affect you, but millions of girls. Living in Canada, I'm lucky enough to go to school, but I'm not content knowing there are people who simply weren't lucky enough. What can I do to get involved and speak up?
Skyla Moua
United States
Dear Malala, Your inspiration has spread all over the world, and you're a very special human being for everything you have done to make knowledge and education for everybody. And I want to ask you a question and I hope you answer it... How is it in England? And do you still worry about the Taliban still trying to find you and hunting you down?
United States
I agree with the girls having 100% education but I'm wondering where all your drive came from for education came from.
John Curtis Smith
United States
Dear Malala, I just want to thank you for your bravery and the strength you have shown to overcome the adversity you have faced by the taliban. The fearlessness you have shown makes me hopeful about Pakistan's future. I would like to ask you what you think can be done to increase the educational resources for the young people in Pakistan such as yourself? And if you think online learning is a good way to start in making it so young people in Pakistan can receive a good education. I would also like to ask you if you would consider running for Prime Minister of Pakistan later in your adult life to bring about the changes you have fought for. Thank you for your time and the work that you do. - John C. Smith
DeAnna S
United States
Were your attackers ever caught? If so, what happened to them?
Andrea cook
United States
dear malala you are a amazing girl you have inspire too others you are are a true hero you had to fight for your rights that girls can go to school you ae my hero.
Tayler Mae F
United States
First off, you are really brave. I would never have had the courage to do that, well, before you. Now for my question, what if you spoke and no one listened? Would you have still been able to do what you had done?
How do you manage to live a "normal" teenage life despite all these major happenings going on in your life?
Leonardo M. Rodaje
Having worked in Quetta, Pakistan, I could say that your bravery and determination to fight for education in behalf of all women in Pakistan and in the world is unequalled. Your having survived from that devilous attacked is God's gift to all women in the World so that you can continue with your divinely inspired courage to fight for there education and freedom.
Seema Gurung
Dear Malala, i look forward to reading your book and have followed you closely online. My respect and admiration to you for all your grit and determination. What would you advise young girls your age in the developing countries in the quest for Education? How do you think they could empower themselves to be heard? In Swat valley you formed a group with your friends to start this mission i believe...how can more girls form such a network?
United States
Dear Malala, I would first like to say that your recovery was truly inspirational, and that, as a student in the United States, I entirely support you in your advocacy for education. I am curious to know what you think of the fact that many world leaders and high-ranking officials are very well educated, but still oppress their people. How do you think that we can combat this? Do you think that if there were universal access to education, power would be less concentrated with such rulers? I am not looking for a specific answer, but would just like to hear your thoughts. I wish you well in your studies, and hope your mission achieves its goals.
Aisha B.
United States
Dear Malala, first of all I think you're an amazing girl and whenever I'm feeling down I think of you and how much worse you had it and how amazing you were able to get through it. Well here is my question: where in the world did you get enough courage to get through what you did with the taliban people? I'd like to know because it would get me through alot of my stuggles in life. Well anyways, your an amazing young lady, and don't you ever forget it!
Laurel Hirsch-Acosta
United States
Your courage, and perception on life are a great inspiration to me. How would you suggest women and girls realize their own power(believe in themselves), in order to receive a better education, in cases where it is available to them?
brianna q
United States
Malala I have a question did you have friends that supported you? was there anyone that helped you out?
Omer Javed
My sister, As a nation we stand proud of you. You epitomize hope for youth education. A suggestion that you may like to voice: Distance from home to school matters, especially for girls in Pakistan. Kindly ask the Government of Pakistan and the donor community to initiate a programme (based on the model of public-private partnership)to populate/rehabilitate schools so that children don't have to go far. Furthermore, portable school buidings can be built quickly (on the lines of the homes built for earthquake victims of 2005 in Pakistan).
Islam Hussain
Have you criticized your religion after your incident took place ?
Oyebamiji Rahmon Soladoye
Education for all is the bedrock for human development. I wish you the.best
Parvaiz Ahmad
How were your feelings when u restarted your work after The Taalibaan attacked you ?
Steven Hauber
United States
Malala, Your message is about education and books to do so. I ask simply, what is your favorite book?
Megan Riethmiller
United States
What would you suggest for other girls all across the globe to do to advocate for education?
The Times I Have Searched.. I Always Got Stopped By Just One Reason In Case Of Development Of Any Country... I m Talking About Education I m Dennis, A Resident Of India... I Wishes That Every Person In This World Should Be Educated.. Initially I Know I Can't Do This To Whole World.. Infact Helping Every Indian Student Should Be Difficult.. But I Know I Can Do This... For This I Need Some Helps... Please Reply Me... As Soon As Possible... Dennis.
Dear Malala, I am very proud of you and god bless you! You inspire many of them in the world to raise voices for right to education for girls. When any one raises the voices, obstacles come but without fear what you have started and back to the objective is unbelievable. We hope continue for change not only in education but also for other areas to improve the life of these girls.
Amelia Joyce
United States
I am 9 years old and I love to read. I would like to know what your favorite book is? Thank you for everything you are doing for girls around the world! Amelia Joyce, Los Angeles, California
Sabrina Medeiros
I look foward to seeing you as our new Nobel Prize, Malala. What for you are the common challeges to girls/boys at your wage all over the world?
CIMA - Comunidades Infantiles Mendoángeles
Dear Malala, We say hello to you from CIMA – Comunidades Infantiles Mendoángeles , we are ubicated in Mendoza. Argentina. We congratulate you for your important labor. From your position, ¿Which could be a good strategy for the existence of a lot of Malalas in all the world?.
United States
Now that you can listen to music, what kind do you like? Will you learn to play music now?
CIMA - Comunidades Infantiles Mendoangeles
Antigua and Barbuda
Dear Malala, We say hello to you from CIMA – Comunidades Infantiles Mendoángeles , we are ubicated in Mendoza. Argentina. We congratulate you for your important labor. From your position, ¿Which could be a good strategy for the existence of a lot of Malalas in all the world?.
Hi Malala,I am very impressed by your strength of spirit after all that you had and I would like to ask you a question. How do you imagine your future and the future of your country? Thank you.
Alexandra Maria Letsoin
Hay Malala, What i must to do if my friend lazy to study? thanks :)
Manuvel raja
Hi dear Malala, you are doing great job and i gave a speech in my college about you people admired you. I like to ask a question. I have seen so many people from your religion still they are not aware of rights of woman and even women's rights are expropriated why don't you change in your religion?
craig leslie
United States
i am half way through your book, and it is quite beautiful. with interpretation of different religions leading to conflict all around the world, in you home especially, in what forum can people of apposing views come together peacefully? how can we have a coming together of Islam, or christianity? a light such as yours has been missing from this world sense Gandhi walk upon it. thank you for the book.
May God always be with you. Dear Malala, you can give another world relize that education is the right for all people and the girls too. You can open they eyes who again more girls for the during time and what make you really brave to save another girl that you never know and why you don't come back to pakistan? are you have some traumatic with taliban army or what? and about your foundation is it only for save education girl or anything? Thank you for your kindness and you're our inspiration. Long live malala!
Hi Malala, You have truly inspired me with your passion and courage. I am a writer, so I especially admire and stand with your cause to give the gift of literacy to every human being. I wrote a piece about you back in March, and it won an award! You can read it here: http://godsgal4ever.blogspot.ca/2013/07/malaladay.html. Did you ever imagine that your story would inspire so many people? You've touched the world, and the cries demanding education for all are louder than ever. :) Don't ever lose you zeal! God bless! - Alyssa ...Loosen the chains of injustice, set the oppressed free. - Isaiah 58
Altaf Hameed
What is the future of Pakistani ruler girl's education
Ethan Ampel
United States
Dear Malala, What do you say to people who claim that your politics are being watered down to its most palatable elements by Western media and that they are exploiting you for the sake of creating an icon, at the expense of the possible further endangerment of other girls in your homeland? I personally think that this idea is more insulting to you than any media-directed iconization of you could be, because if you can withstand a Taliban bullet, you can stand up to anyone who would try and write you a script. Keep fighting, Malala!
Darryl Anne Mooney
United Kingdom
Would you like to do an interview with inspired world magazine I have a column called inspired kids and I know our readers would be so happy to read your story and hear about your views and passions and intentions for the future. Thank you Darryl Anne Mooney
Hello dear Malala I admire your courage bravo,you are really such an intelligent and brave teenage girl in the world,you are ideal to me iam so glad to see you completly healthy wish you all the best! My question to you how did you feel when you got fully concious after surgery and what would you think about?
Dear Malala, you are such an inspiration to to people, young and old. Thank you for your courage and you passion in standing up for such an important cause.
Piper Lacy
United States
Dear Malala, how do you begin the process of change? I find myself always desiring to be a force of good for others, but never know where to start.
Muyiwa Omole
I salute your courage, Malala. You are a model and a story of hope for the girl child. Keep on with the fight. Thanks. Muyiwa
Grant Discombe
What Malala do you believe boys specifically need to be taught to redirect and change our world ?
Nina S.
You are such an inspiration Malala. I believe that bravery is the best virtue man can have and desperately needed in this world so I am very happy that you are ok now and that you not giving up. I will only have a question about your own future plans in the area of education and profession ?
United States
After the gunshot did that that just motivate you to fight back for education more?
Dr.. Anwar
South Asia
How can you influence WEST to support democracy in Muslim world?
Dr.. Anwar
South Asia
How can you influence WEST to support democracy in Muslim world?
Ana Caistor Arendar
United Kingdom
Dear Malala, firstly thank you for your enormous courage and inspiration, through your bravery you've woken the world up to the power that each of us have to make the world a fairer place and encouraged all of us to do so, thank you! I would like to know your thoughts on how you suggest governments should raise the funds needed to provide free education (delivered through well paid teachers) to all girls and boys? Many thanks
Yasmin Goma
Hi malala!I'm a 15 year old girl and i live in Germany but my parents come from Togo, Africa. I adore your work and your courage and i love it how you fight for us girls to go school and to get an education. I am really proud of you! I wish to know what i could do to help the organisation. I would also like to take part and help other girls who are suffering to get the education they deserve. I thank you very much for taking your to read this! May God bless you! :)
Ana Skwierinski
Venezuela, RB
Hi Malala! I admire you so much! My questions to you is: Why do you think some people, like the Taliban, are so afraid of powerful, educated women and girls?
United States
After the gunshot did that motivate you to fight more for education?
Fayyaz Ahmad Tarar
United States
Dear Malala. How can we help? I have no extra money to donate to your fund, what else can I do?
Katy Brandes
United States
You are an inspiration to all girls and women. I am a 46-year old American mother, and you are my heroine for your bravery and the wonderful example you set for feminist activism. Stay strong and carry on your good work!
United Kingdom
Hi Malala, I just want to let you know I appreciate what you stand for and the amazing role model you are to millions of little girls all over the world. I would just like to ask you who you felt most deserved the Nobel Peace Prize this year and why. Thank you x
Valentina Garram
Puerto Rico
Dear Malala, I want you to know that you are an inspiration for every woman and every girl. I hope that you win this price and keep fighting for the rights of woman in places where they don't have any. I also want to know what are your plans if you win the Nobel.
Ms. CarlsonSather
United States
Do you still think about being shot? How does it affect you? What do you think about the importance of school? What keeps you going? Have you made any new friends in the new countries that you've visited? Do you have any family members to support you? What is your favorite subject in school? When you first started to go to school how did your classmates react? Are there teachers that are supporting you? What is your favorite food? (submitted by 7th grade students from Northstar Middle School)
Sherry Egli-Doster
United States
You are an inspiration to all. Prayers to you and you family and those who wish to oppress you. May they see the benefit in educating and supporting those gave them life. Thank you and your parents for being the people they are. I will continue to watch and support and spread the word of your journey, struggles and victories.
United States
Malala, Will you please come to Kentucky and speak to students at my university? You don't know how much we will appreciate it. I know you are busy with all the big fish interviews and media attention, but please also consider a few genuine requests of common people. You have greatly inspired us and many others around the world at such a young age. You have accepted this huge responsibility of teaching the world about real issues that education faces in many parts of the world. We have a lot of admiration for you. We can only imagine what you went through. My question is: How are you staying focused on your own studies with all this media attention? My hope is that this media attention does not affect achieving your own education first and then does not derail you from your real mission. Thanks!
United States
Malala, I was just wondering if you were given the choice, would you go into extreme debt for your education or would you decide not to go to school and why?
firoz siddique
we r with u spread ur message to the whole world ..... n TC.
United States
Malala, You are my every day inspiration. I too am trying to make the world a better place for girls every where to receive a proper education. Not only am I thrilled that you are doing this, but awed you keep going after what happened a year ago. I guess we all have a little bit of you in all of us. It is not only my dream, but a goal to meet you one day. We have a lot more in common that I thought. I too am in my 2nd year of high school and will turn 16 in the fall, and am an advocate for girls all over the world without voices. When I hear, "she's too young to be changing the world," I respond, "no she's not." Let it be known that you are never too young to change the world. I find it quite amazing you are just 16 and have won numerous awards and are the youngest person to ever to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I have one question; how and why did you start fighting for your education and for the girls in Swat Valley? Where I live, we often take our education for granted. We don't realize and appreciate how lucky we are. People don't realize how powerful a girl can be; if you educate a boy, you educate himself; if you educate a girl, you educate a community. I want you to know that I try very hard in school and understand its importance. God and peace be with you, Hannah
Mei Powrs
United States
Malala, what is the best way that you think people in developed countries can help improve access to quality education globally?
Wai Phyo Aung
Dear Malala, I am from Myanmar . My country was under the dictatorship for about 50 years. Lack of the educated citizen , the country still have many types of conflicts and violences. There are thousands of children who cant go to school in the country . Your words " Why shall i wait for someone else " so much mean to me . I am a teacher too. Please , what books should i need to read . What is the best way to know my people the vaule of diversity . ps. what r u doin & leanin ?
Mei Powers
United States
Malala, we have so much to thank you for--bringing the need for access to quality education to the forefront, demonstrating the power of one's voice, and showing the world how to take an ethical stand for your rights. I wonder with the greater attention and platform given to you and education issues, what do you see as the biggest or most frustrating barrier in achieving progress for quality education for boys and girls? Thank you.
United States
Malala, I would first like to say how much of an inspiration you are. I am going to become a teacher, and I would love for every student to realize how lucky they are to have an education. My question would be: What do you hope students will take away from your story?
Gregorio Meraz
Malala: Good Bless you and protect you always ... you are an inspiration for children ... What would you tell young people whom, having EVERYTHING to study and learn, do not take advantage of it ... and what could you do to increase opportunities for children in the world hunger of opportunity ... ?