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Can Open Data Boost Economic Growth and Prosperity?


Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
Senior Director, Transport and ICT GP, World Bank
Author, “Open Data Now” and Project Director, “Open Data 500”
UK Transparency Board Member and World Bank Consultant

Date: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. ET (13:00 – 16:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: Online

Live stream will be available on this page on July 23th at 9:00 a.m. ET

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The story of Open Data is rapidly moving beyond transparency and accountability to measurable economic growth and prosperity. The Economist recently likened the commercial potential to ‘a new goldmine’. Open Data offers economic benefits that are estimated to be as much as $3 trillion a year globally, spawning new companies and increasing efficiency in sectors such as education,  health, agriculture, energy and transport. Despite the large potential, there have thus far been few examples of open data based businesses in emerging economies. For the World Bank clients, this represents a significant development and economic opportunity.

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How much of this opportunity can be seized by developing and transition countries to boost growth and share prosperity? What interventions are needed by governments - and by the World Bank - to stimulate and support the realization of the economic benefits of Open Data for everyone? Why does Open Data matter to someone who does not have a toilet? How can World Bank projects be “turbocharged” with Open Data?

Learn from leading global experts on the latest evidence of the economic potential of Open Data and how it can be applied to improve development outcomes across sectors.  You will also hear different client perspectives from developing and transition countries on Open Data’s role in  boosting their economic development.

- Open Data background reports and in-country case studies.
- Blog: Open Data for Economic Growth: The Latest Evidence

Additional Speakers/Participants
- Amparo Ballivian - Lead Economist and Task Manager, "Parnership for Open Data"
- Irena Bojadzievska, National Coordinator for Open Data, Macedonia
- Daniel Castro - Director, Center for Data Innovation
- Ania Calderon Mariscal, General Director of Digital, Mexico
- Jeff Kaplan - Director of Multilateral and NGO, Socrata
- Rajendra Kumar, Joint Secretary (e-Gov), Department of Electronics and Information Technology In India
- Prasanna Lal Das - Lead Program Officer, Open Finances, World Bank
- Stela Mocan, Government Chief Innovation Officer of Moldova
- Ekaterina Shapochka, Advisor to Minister of Open Government in Russia
- Randeep Sudan - Practice Manager for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), World Bank

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Summary of Agenda:

0900 - 0915: Welcome and Introduction by Pierre Guislain
0915 - 0945: Client Country perspectives from India, Russia, Mexico, Moldova and Macedonia
0945 - 1030: Keynotes: Andrew Stott, Michael Chui, Joel Gurin
1030 - 1055: Comments, Questions and Answers
1100 - 1150: Debate + Q&A: "Can Open Data Boost Prosperity and Economic Growth for Developing Countries?"
1150 - 1200: Closing remarks by Randeep Sudan

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Read what others are asking
Cimanga Keba Jean Godefroid
Congo, Dem. Rep.
I'm a citizen of the Dem. Rep of Congo and I'm interested to know key steps in implementing this process in a country where there is no trust in existing data or no infrastructure making data available online.
Steven Perete
Are there opendata-prenuership support programmes by the WB or other international organizations?
Rentz Hilyer
United States
Equitable economic opportunity would be wonderful, but if open data fuels economic growth in the aggregate, won't it just be contributing to destruction of the ecosystems (through resource use and pollution) that the economy depends on?
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Our family always supported free education, free knowledge, free healthcare to all and welfare of all, concept. The simple example and reason is given below. Just, imagine, open access would not have been there, the concept of "ZERO" in mathematics would not have been out/ open to the world, from India. Then? We're running computers on this concept only due to open open data policy only. Thus, open access to data, information and knowledge will lead to WISDOM and will definitely boost the global economy is what we feel. Hope this point will be covered in your all important discussion.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Imagine a top B'School or T'School or E'School does a research and keeps copyright for 1000 years and none buy it. It will lose its relevance. Imagine, I as an individual right an article with all detailed data/ info/ knowledge/ wisdom / implementation strategy and put it on open access and countries implement those things and change for betterment of humanity. What will be useful? Obviously later. That's the impact of open data and access and transparency. What the use of your existence if your work is not useful to benefit this world?
felix bikok
Firmly back that simply because of the fact that in a Country like Cameroon, where I come from, there are many educated youths who have difficulties in accessing employment or exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities simply because of lack of information. Hence, increasing data accessibility will enhance economic growth and prosperity.
Dominican Republic
Way to use the internet to help people solve problems!
Adesulu Olatomiwa Martins
What can open data do to people (majority) living in underdeveloped countries or monoeconomy countries like our ? How can we get access to grant available to SME around the world without territory challenges ?
Binit Kumar
"Open Data offers economic benefits that are estimated to be as much as $3 trillion a year globally, spawning new companies and increasing efficiency in sectors such as education, health, agriculture, energy and transport.", can I have a 'model' supporting this brilliant fact.
What are the basic requirements or qualifications for OPEN DATA to be established and to flourish in the Philippines?
will india achieve its benchmark GDP
Apart from information dissemination and subsequent accountability,how can open data be used to promote innovation and ease of doing business? Thank you for your answer
Please share few examples in which fields Open data is explored and how it helping economy
samson sani nzevela
The uptake of big data in developing countries is fast gaing grounds and providing young innovators with IT business opportunities. However, there's need for funding formulation and development of clear data use policies across all levels of big data applications for security of data, identity and ip. Kenya is one such country. Where's this support & what premium?
Partha Sarker
Is there any empirical evidence to support that open data led to economic development and employment? If yes, what are the areas that has been impacted the most? Is there any research study available?