Boosting Shared Prosperity by Getting to Youth Employment Solutions (YES) - Webcast
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Boosting Shared Prosperity by Getting to Youth Employment Solutions (YES) - Webcast


Global growth and poverty reduction over the next 20 years will be driven by today’s young people, yet many of them face significant difficulties in finding productive employment. The global economy will need to create five million jobs each month during the next decade to meet the demands of the more than one billion new entrants to the labor market.

The World Bank Group has set an ambitious goal for the global community, to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity for the bottom 40% of the population. This requires that we engage effectively to bring hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and into productive work. The primary stakeholders in this endeavor are today’s young people.

On October 10, 2013, the World Bank Group, together with stakeholders from the public sector, civil society, and the private sector, will launch a collaboration and open dialogue on how to fill the gaps in knowledge, tools, and actions for youth employment solutions.

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Minister of Development and International Cooperation, Tunisia
Minister of Finance, Indonesia
Director General, Sida
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Hilton Worldwide
Chief Executive Officer, Plan International
Global Managing Director for Corporate Citizenship, Accenture
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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Youths around the world are bubbling to go for entrepreneurship/ self-employment or even for a job. However, it’s becoming difficult for some people to start a business due to so many formalities they have to complete. Hence, self-employment is directly proportional to employment generation. If jobs are not generated then, how could new generation would get the jobs? So my first question is can WB help governments to reduce this process of starting business? One more concern is, we again need to balance human resource based economies and technologies based economies, then only it will be possible. Hence, next question is can the WB help governments in planning such socio-economic business and management models? Time is running out faster. We need to act fast.
Shaba Shams
Will WB finance start-ups directly to encourage entrepreneurship and productive employment?
Bivekananda Mahat
I would like to talk more precisely. In Nepal to reduce unemployment, Agricultural entrepreneurship is must as Nepal is Agricultural country. To develop Agrientrepreneurship and Agriculture as whole we need agriscientists and this need is supplied from Ag Universities. Here at my university(I am Ag undergraduate) there is nothing to learn practically. No labs, no equipments. Without adequate expenses in undergraduates like us how could the ambitious global employment projects be successful? I have a soil test proposal for basic soil testing project as no Nepali farmer know their soils status but I donot have any funds. Just at minimum cost it could be completed. I want you to make feel how serious is the situation. Is there at WB any provision of small easy grants for enthusiastic youth like me? Are there any cpacity building training for Ag Undergraduates? Unless and until adequate expenses are made to us any global projects could go in vain.
Nice chris
All i ask for is action,because there are alot out there to be done for the youth but we hear or do is talk ,talk ,talk and more talks and noting is being done,no job any where and the present govt dont care of the future ,if we join the bus of talkers and not take action for solution ....the youth will suffer,so if we do more and talk less we will achieve more.....
Carmen Yambo
United States
If the goal is global growth and poverty reduction through "productive" work, it seems we need to be clear on what 'productive' work really means. For every country, it could mean a completely different thing. But, if the goal remains clear and defined, then productive work should encompass jobs that build, develop, and grow communities in the 21st century and beyond, jobs that are productive today and will remain productive 20 years and more down the road, jobs that work with and share global resources and global expertise, and jobs that feed the body, mind, and self (i.e engaging work). Major economies are not necessarily great examples of what productive work is because their models are based on aging and almost obsolete industrial age ideas. The 21st century and specifically the youth of the century are uniquely gifted (as every generation has been) and require a new set of models and ideas about work to be productive citizens. Thus the opportunity now exists to create new models and new definitions of work that do more than just guarantee the worker always remains in survival mode, but allows them to thrive and to give back to their communities, their families, themselves, and the planet - shared prosperity indeed.
Benjamin Karenzi
#WB: The major challenge of most governments and cooperates is to manage well the expectations of young people; we all go to school or take our children to school with an expectation of using our professional acquired experiences to impact our lives, families and societies that we live IN; governments and cooperates should educate their members (employees) to think business wise by investing their savings and acquired knowledge to create jobs for themselves and at the same time for others in their own businesses and accept to be replaced by potential trusted young people in their current positions...this will give hope to youth and support the ongoing campaigns for youth self-employment which also has challenges like lack of capital, No collateral security, No experiences, No business connections e.t.c We should encourage the culture of saving to currently employed; personally i see NO reason for someone to be in any type of employment progression (from Junior staff to Chief) for more than 25 years...these people should become Advisors, University professors or manage their own on twitter @karenzib ; i am looking forward to introduce my detailed suggested paper to our local WB office.
Diane Friday
United States
I have friends in Nyanyano, Ghana who are in the education field. Why are they not being paid for services rendered by the schools? Thanks!
Diane Friday
United States
Why aren't there more shadowing programs in Ghana for the poor to learn a skill? Thanks!
United States
Youth Employment is such a broad topic it's commendable that the public, private and development sector are coming together to discuss the solutions forward. At Ashoka, we look believe in supporting community-rooted social innovators that are creating disruptive approaches for solutions and ways forward. Where do the panelists think we should look for the creative approaches to solve this problem? Reference:
Giwa Sheu Tijani
how can i get support from world bank for my innovative project?
Helen Leitch
We need funding to pilot a model for empowerment of rural youth in India. The pilot is based on a successful model implemented in 10 other countries and has been shown to be critical for youth employment, to empower young women, to create a vibrant rural agribusiness, to underpin the productivity of agriculture, to build resilience to climate vulnerability. One of the strongest NGOs in India is the proposed implementing agency for this pilot, and we have a plan in place to mainstream this model following the pilot phase. We firmly believe this is the new model for empowerment of rural youth in S Asia. What we need is funding to move this initiative forward. Please contact me if you are interested
Ghislaine Delaine
Cooments on youth and digital era: in DRC we are preparing a Digital Population and Housing Census that will us digital and GPS instruments like tablets and the youth are the target for enployment. However, it is temporary jobs, skills they will gain in this operation could be used for similar operations in the country.
Ghislaine Delaine
Sorry I hit the submit button before finishing Comments: In DRC, the World Bank is helping the Government organize a Population and Housing Census using digital equipment like PDA, GPS units and tablets. The target for this work will be the counttry youth. Although it will be a temporary jobs for a few months for the census mapping and weeks for the enumeration, the skills they will develop in this operation will be useful for similar operations in the future.
can jobs (matching youths' training) be created for the unemployed youth?or we should change the training system?