African Youth Forum 2014
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African Youth Forum 2014

Date: Thursday, July 31st, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET (13:00 – 17:30 GMT or convert time)
Location: Online

Portrait of teenage girl with red veil, Djibouti, Adaillou. Photo: Stephanie Rabemiafara

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With half of Africa’s population under 25 years old, youth are a critical component of the continent’s development agenda. This event provides a global platform for development experts and young people to explore detailed solutions to development challenges, such as youth employment. The discussion will be centered around the themes of education, health, good governance and entrepreneurship, and how each can influence a productive economy, job creation and the role young people can play in the development agenda in their countries.

About the African Youth Forum: Sponsored by the World Bank Group – International Monetary Fund Young African Society, the objective of the African Youth Forum is to empower and engage Africa’s youth by providing a platform where they can actively participate in discussing, evaluating and  implementing Africa’s development agenda.

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9AM – 9:30AM
Welcome Ceremony
Makhtar Diop, World Bank Vice President, Africa Region
Elikia Kamga/Yvonne Kirabo, Co-presidents of the Young African Society

9:30AM – 11AM
Plenary Session: Human Capital: The Fundamental Role of Education and Skills

Bai Kamara, Program Manager, Africa Region of the International Youth Foundation

HE Joseph Bienvenu Charles Foe-Atangana, Ambassodor of the Republic of Cameroon to the United States
Claudia Maria Costin, Sr. Director for Education, World Bank Group
Mohammed Abderrahmane El Hassen, YALI Fellow, English and Arabic teacher, Ministry of Education in Mauritania
Olubanke King-Akerele, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia
Yaye Seynabou Sakho, Advisor, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, World Bank Group
 Nina Oduro, African Development Jobs

11:15AM – 11:30AM
Presentation: Launch of the WBG-IMF Staff Young African Society

11:45AM – 1:15PM
Plenary Session: Entrepreneurship and Employment in Africa: What Are the Constraints for Entrepreneurs in Africa?

Opening remarks
Anabel Gonzalez, World Bank Group Senior Director for Trade and Competitiveness  

Deon P. Filmer,World Bank Group Sr. Economist

Erick Zeballos, Deputy Director, International Labour Office, Washington, D.C.
Kolade Adeyemo, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of OXOSI
Sabeen Malik, Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of State
Willy-Conrad Asseko Allogo, YALI Fellow, Deputy Secretary General, spokesman for the Association for Independent Action Youth in Gabon and general manager of Les transports Citadins

1:15PM – 1:20PM
Closing Remarks for Entrepreneurship and Employment Panel
Mamadou Toure, President, Africa 2.0


Vice President, Africa Region, World Bank Group
Founder, Innovation and Excellence in Education Policies
Republic of Cameroon Ambassador to the United States
Senior Director, Trade & Competitiveness, World Bank Group
Founder and Chairman of Africa 2.0 Foundation
Read what others are asking
chris macrae
United States
I understand that the World Bank is launching Open Learning Campus next month. Could it be timely to make a list of Africans who are world leaders in changing education and who could make extraordinary contributions to OLC? I think of the Ethiopian Noah Sahara whose satellites are being focused on elearning - see and and Taddy Blecher whose partners in south africa (including Branson and Google) have offered free university to 5000 of the country's top job creating students and have recently been asked by S.Africa government to introduce missing curricula of entrepreneurship throughout s.african schools with goal of creating additional million jobs by 2020 Also I am just back in DC from an interview with Sir Fazle Abed at BRAC - he's interested in how BRAC -Africa and worldwide- could help OLC.
chawanangwa nyirenda
With high youth group population, alots of you are faced with the challange of unemproyment and a lot of job requires one with experience.. My question is how are we as the youth supposed to get that experience? As world bank what are the initiative that you have put in to make sure that you resolve these issues?
Lack of transperency in youth development programmes in most African countries is the greatest problem facing the youths on self development. African youths no longer ask for jobs, we now ask for an opportunity, and even ground to put our ideas into practice. Lets build the youths and secure our future.
Friday A. Awodi
Let's know if can be part of the fund for development of energy to revolutionize modern technology globally-Providing Energy The INVENTION has been patented having pass all processes to obtain patent through European Patent office, Germany and World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva and IPO Nigeria on power based technology. Requesting an understanding to drive this new technology to solve the technical problem associated with global warming and climate issues which can be address through AWODI POWER MACHINE and STATION. We can design a workable business relationship and to power the entire cities at free cost of fossil fuels over the years and this does not require nuclear reactor/ atomic energy, thermal/ coal or building hydraulic dam for hydropower generation. With AWODI POWER MACHINE (WO2014030023A1, PCT/IB2012/001617, NG/PT/NC/2014/314) invention we shall power pure electric aircrafts, vehicles, boat, train and no re-charging, emissions nor noise pollution. Basically what it required is to switch over the source of energy for fossil fuel engines to AWODI POWER MACHINE. Moreover, currently also working on another alternative to nuclear power plant due its effect to mankind and hydro-power generation due to scarcity of suitable site and costs. We can power the entire city with AWODI POWER STATION. Kindly peruse and let us have collaboration project to rebuild the world to solve underlined technical problem aforementioned. Thank you, Awodi Agenyi Friday Inventor Abuja- Nigeria
Are the African queer youth the LGBTI included in the African leadership youth forum?
Neil Sorensen
What can you say about Former President Daniel Moi's questionining of Obama's youth mentorship programme?
Mwaona Nyirongo
Many youths in Africa do not have enough education for them to become critical thinkers and active participants in development discourse. For example in Malawi, only 0.3% of its citizens have had access to college education. This explains why the population is racketing and HIV prevalence is alarming. Without an educated youth these problems have come to stay in Malawi and many other African countries. What special programs does the world bank has in order to make sure that there is a remarkable number of youths who are able to get some college education and grow into more responsible parents? Secondary school education is not enough to face 21st century challenges.
Youth unemployment is big challenge for the African countries however,one can ask to what extent this is a preoccupation for our leaders???Last week,a forum was held in Nairobi for EAC countries?only 2 presidents attended it!!!To face this big challenge for our countries future we need implication from the high level.
Samy Samandu
Congo, Dem. Rep.
What does World Bank plan on getting the youth involved in it's organization ?
Mpha Pole
Practically most of the youth based programs aren't run by the youth themselves but old & supposedly exprienced men in the fields of the youth, whom are thought to be compentent enough to manage the youth. On the contrary these personnels don't have atmost ideas what the current African youth & their needs are. How should I suppose this African Youth Forum will help?
What plan has the World Bank got for investing in Environmental Advocacy in Africa? Is there any fund for Youth Groups in Africa who are in into Environmental Advocacy?
Njemo B., Charles
One of the main problems faced by most youths in the continent is the issue of skills gap and motivation. Contrary to the west, youths are not giving the opportunities enhance their skills and even for those who try to do are being caught up by institutional lapses which in most cases creates trust gap between youths and agencies for youth empowerment . Youths in the continent no longer wait to gain employment in the public sector but to take their destiny in their hands through innovative capacities. But how can this capacities be achieved with weak institutional capacities and inadequate youth entrepreneurial incentives? In addition, how can inclusive and sustainable economic growth be achieved from youth perspective?
Edson Joel
How the African youth will be benefited from this forum, especially the problem of the poverty and employment which facing Africa continent
Zebulon Carlander
I'll pose several questions in one post (apologies if some are quite general). Q: Which African countries have been the most successful in pursuing policies that make the most out of the benefits of having a large and young population? Q: What could the European Union do to contribute to the development of the next generation of African leaders (scholarships etc)? Q: Which level of education should states (with consideration of their level of development) invest the most in: primary, secondary or tertiary?
Benjamin Buyemere
Congo, Dem. Rep.
Now that we all are aware of African's problems and need it move forward with Youth alongside the process, why not to advocate toward our Govs to invest mostly and chiefly in sectors that will allow countries to be boosted economically and make play to youth major roles in the process? There is the time to act. We don't need anymore useless speechs from our Govs.
Okot Agiro Gabriel
African Youth are very curious and enterprising. One challenge that manifest by unemployment is poor career guidance. The killer aspect here is limited access to information which would otherwise facilitate them know and understand whether they will be either job seekers or creators. Information about challenges and opportunities are not promptly uploaded on Internet/websites, yet the majority of African youth are endowed with basic ICT skills. How will the African Youth Forum, facilitate such a great novel in order to massively enhance career guidance and growth?
Dear sir/Madam i wild to like to now why the African country remain are poor for more than 50 year after interdependence
Clement Achim Gyimah
World bank can you please take on leadership as a key hub for transformation in Africa?. Am glad Madam Olubanke is part of the panel. Her vision of having Foundation for Africa Leadership which I was a member. A pocket with holes cannot hold your hard earned money. We need to consciously prepare the next of leaders to be social thinkers. Thanks
denny nyambe
Looking at the terrible unemployment levels, lack of formal education and also pathetic state of health care provision in most african countries especially here in zambia, what initiatives and programmes have been put in place to help Africans bridge this gap? For I believe that every human being must have this precious right to access health services wherever they may be....!
This forum will need to work hand in hand with governments and institutions in African nations if youth can actively participate in growth and development. In essence, reminding government where possible developments are needed to sustain and support the human capital. Government and or institutions need not be failed if good development could be achieved.
Mwansa Makubalo
As an institutional lender shouldn't the World Bank utilize it core capacity to enable the productive work group to stay alive (25-49)? Then why aren't they promoting the use of Boosters with HIV medication a requisite in africa ?
Tacho Boris
The main problem youths face in my country is funding thier projects due to the fact that they do not have any collaterals to present to banks for loans. What measures has the WB put in place to enable african youths get funding for projects.
Devang Vussonji
South Africa
Can human-centered design approaches play a role in customizing the structures of available jobs to better match youth skills and preferences? Or in restructuring education/training programs to make them more attractive and effective?
joy mamikay oche
I read in a Leadership book recently , that the true measure of leadership is influence and adding value to others. In my own way I am informally investing a few minutes of my time each day to share positive things learnt with people especially young women in my circle.I am amazed at how much I can motivate others, give counsel to guide them in making right choices and decisions. Please I would want to know how this could be replicated in the lives of our leaders in Africa formally and if there is any opportunity to help young leaders like me who are interested in achieving more i touching lives.