Meeting Africa's Youth Employment Challenge
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Meeting Africa's Youth Employment Challenge

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. ET (13:00 – 15:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: Online

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Eleven million youth are expected to enter Africa’s labor market every year for the next decade and despite a rapid increase in formal sector jobs, the majority of these youth are likely to work on family farms and in household enterprises, often with very low incomes. What are governments, partners, and civil society doing to address the challenge of youth employment in Africa, and what should they be doing? What do we need to know more about to design better policies and programs? An interactive discussion during the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings brings together ministers, experts, and the private sector to reflect on the challenge and ways forward.

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Vice President, Africa Region, World Bank Group
Lead Economist, Africa Region, World Bank
Governor, Central Bank of Kenya
Minister of National Education, Senegal
Managing Director of Harvest Fresh, Zimbabwe
Visiting Professor, UC Berkeley; Former Lead Economist, Africa Region, The World Bank
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George Klaembo
hello! i have a our country there is a lot of natural resources like ivory ,gold, diamond but still now now our country they are still being poor country and problem of the employment so how can i going to solve this problem if ican be a president?
I am Collins Owusu Bemoan and an Engineer. I am working for a multinational company now. I have always had the desire to set up my own business. I have a number of business proposals and executive summaries I believe if I am support to put them in action can employ a number of youth in the community and even in other parts of Africa. I have already registered a part of tge company with our registries generals office but havent been able to start operations because of funding and logistics and technical support. It is increasingly becoming difficult to access funding for start up from our banks and their interest rate alone is discouraging. I know world bank has an office in Accra now. What policies are you putting in place to ensure that member countries economies support start ups. Does your office have any funding for start ups like mine to access as will as technical support. I have a great passion to help solve the challenges of this continent particularly as an Engineer. Thank you and hope to hearing from you soon.
Manase Luhumbika
lot of topics have been discussed about africa's youth unemployment and poverty at all in Africa, but here i myself find that Africa as a continent(land) is not poor that much, the problem is how to translate those resources surrounding us to have a meaning and benefit all the people.A good example is my country, i am sure the growth rate of the conomy is less than what is supposed to be.We have all the resources to create employment to young generation but few leaders have hidden all the treasure. Then how world bank held African countries to have proper location of their resources. Resistance, in here in Tanzania we have a long going of scandal of swiss-hidden TRILLIONS of money,how do world bank play his role in assisting such money laundry and i am sure most of their holders have been leaders some time in a state.
Godfrey Ngonyani
Which education level they need in order to apply this positions or how can i do to join in this group?
What can the youth do to create jobs for themselves?
ismael bika
i am interested in forming a One Health Consortium in Botswana,please i need assistance,consultation and funding
Stephen Mufutu
How can we end corruption in our continent? This is a vice that is affecting youth and employment.
Erick Mlelwa
I do like to join in that group how will I do? please i need your help
Leonard Charles Kitundu
what are QUALITIES to have a job in WB
what factor made youth unemployed despite the fact the country have natural resources which will assist youth in creation of job yohani philipo Tanzania
Zefu Patroba
why should government reduce authority to some people for example in Tanzania a person is a regional commissioner and a member of parliament a lecturer and chairman of a certain board this is unfair and will not bring equitability in the market
Mujuni Herbert
i think one of the problems the youth of Africa are facing is that we are taught on how to write CVs and get jobs but not on how to create jobs for our selves.
in Africa, the population of the youngsters is increasing time after time. at the same time, the growth of employment opportunities is stagnant or growing slowly, what are possible ways can be made to solve the problem?
Juma Bruno Ngomuo
Is it must that Africa has to do export market for cash and organic products while even within a single country there is no well linkaged and coordinated local markets? Is it an illusion that we promote youth in Agriculture while the learning curricula from primary school dis valued!?! I myself see the need for youth leaders as well as our political leaders to think and lead our African countries entrepreneurially. We educated and well informed member of the society in Africa have to think beyond our physical existance that in order to increase employment we have to develop an envisiomed society of which it must be democratic and well managed and supervised strategic plans. Our policies and regulationa have to promote sustainable development and strategically address key areas of investment especially in Agriculture. By doing so its now to wake up the giant Africa by reminding our Leader to commit what they promisw in 2003 maputo declaration and theough CAADP document.
Belita Phiri
Whenever I think of the future of African youth, my heart bleeds. Africa has the highest population of young people who are below 25 yet they lack proper education that prepares them to survive even in the difficult times of finding employment after they have completed their college/universities.In my opinion the education systems must change in Africa. Instead of concentrating more in highest learning institutions such as Universities, why not direct education of the youth towards vocational training? Education that prepares them into being entrepreneurs instead of white collar jobs which are hard to find? World Bank must create policies in the countries of interest, if that were possible to see to it that youths who have the intelligence of forming companies, and are having business plans which are convincing, must be helped and supported into getting start up capital which are again hard to get, and get some experienced companies to help such a youth? There are so many clever youths who can employ other youths if correct education and policies are established and implemented.The answer of African poverty eradication is in the hands of African youth.
martha namaemba
what measures have been put in place to help the young enterprenures in the country?we have so many ideas but no one to help generate you have a program for such?
Antony Lunalo
Comment: Universities/Tertiary colleges worldwide have taken the easy way out. They have focused on desk jobs instead of technical courses. There are too many managers out there to give directions but no one to give direction to. Jobs are available but the jobs that people are trained on are unavailable. Walk out there and ask for an accountant to a customer care executive or even a lawyer. There are many of them. But go get someone as simple as a qualified crane operator, and you will struggle to find one or one who is willing (not desperate) to be trained as one. So in my world, jobs are there, willingness and training to do it...not there.
Msawira Hudu
The main challenge to youth employment are proper strategies, lack of government support and capital for job creation projects. More is the underdevelopment of the continent. How are development partners prepared to tackle these challenges?
What is the aim of this organisation? what measures is the organisation taking place to reduce the unemployment rate in africa what is the possible ramedy to those problem.and so fair what acheavement did the organisation so fair acheav in metting its target.?
Prince charles
I hope it is going to be educating on joining
Charles Ngosi
Hello! Dear Sir/Madam My name is Charles Ngosi, i am 26 yeras old am Tanzanian by nationality east africa. i saw this advertise on facebook while am chatting, i have a problem on
Dear sir/Madam,I would like to hear about Ethiopian grand reneasance dam.
Dear sir/Madam,I would like to hear about Ethiopian grand reneasance dam.
Precious Makwele
Thank you for this opportunity of raising questions. I have just began doing my masters' thesis on the very topic of high unemployment in my country(Namibia)by linking it to how we can use our natural wealth to help in the fight against long term unemployment and inequality. My question is knowing that most of the mining activities require huge capital investments,and that definitely we will require someone with such capital requirement to come in, what is the best possible policy mix that will ensure that both the government and the investor also wins to let both parties benefit mutually. the current practice in my country is although government benefits, the investor ends up pocketing huge benefits and thus it leads to extraction of the local benefits to foreign land, this in it continues in exacerbating the situation of unemployment and inequality,because the benefit received from these wealth cannot cover every person in the country by creating for them productive activities. So will it be unfair to introduce new policy which favour the domestic country, and if so, what should the country be prepared to do with its resources if investors leave the domestic country to other countries which favours them. Secondly, what are some of the best social programmes that countries with low unemployment rates have used over the years, could you please give me some examples of those countries,especially if they are developing and have a structure similar to Namibia i.e small population, resources available, middle- income etc
Eva Wanjiru
Hello and thank you for providing this platform for the African youth.My name is Wanjiru a student in Multimedia university of Kenya. Mine is more of a comment rather than a question.I think i have a remedy to the high rates of unemployment in our continent, i think that that our schools and tertiary institutions should should focus on promoting students talent. We should stop teaching the youth that their success is determined by the kind of employment they land after completing their education, let us teach them to be open minded,teach them how to be different in order to inspire the creativity in them, encourage them to work with their hands so that they do not have to depend on someone to create employment for them we should teach them to create employment for others and in that way not only can we can decrease the unemployment ratio among our youth but also decrease the dependency ratio. With the help of Organizations like the World Bank and many more and not ourselves we can be able to eradicate it and make Africa an outstanding continent by engaging the youth in the process. I would like to advice my fellow Africans to come up with remedies of tackling this growing monster instead of just crying of how poor Africa is, they are not helping in anyway,we should be coming up with solutions and not finding more problems to add to existing ones, we should also stop blaming our government as playing the 'Blame game' wont lead us anywhere. if we want change we should do it ourselves.Change starts with you.
Stella Nthuni
In my country Kenya and Africa at large so much resources have been used to promote enterprise development among the youth.The challenge of access to finance been widely adressed by the government,NGOs,financial institutions and other developmental bodies.Despite all that youth 3 out of every 5 youth owned SMEs dont live past their third year of formation.The youth are generally faced by other problems such as lack of access to markets,lack of access to information,poor business linkages,competition from cheap imports,lack of innovativeness .What can the world back do to intervene or improve the situation so as to promote self employment.Stella
cabdalla xasan
i would like to ask question to whom it may concern as we African youth why we are not getting our rights/support from world bank thank you
walusimbi mose
how best can we improve us youth starting up our own jobs as capital being the major hindrance
protocol my name Abbas Ahmad Lamido, i am from Nigeria my we have a lot of resources we are among the best oil producing company in the world . my country is the begest and porpular state in Afirca we have a god land for farming and life stock farming i am young Nigerian i am wondering for my country nigeria with the all resources we have in nigeria it jus last week report we are among the poorest country in the world if you we look our GDP it is true
According to whate isee in uganda and in most african countries, the effort to handle youth issues will never be effective enough as the case is in most other continents like europe and us unless the type and nature of the education calculum which trains only people with more theoretical understanding of the real world life than emphasizing practical let there be aclear measure on how to make the youth more productive via the education they acquire just like in those developed countries like china. TO BACK UP MY ARGUMENT, why is there high rate of new business failure by managed by the youth yet you find some people who never went for the theoretical academics managing these businesses well?? 2. whate do you think is the cause for high rate of political confusion caused by mainly the youth in african countries leading to political immaturity?
Miss Independent
Before we even begin talking about the 40% unemployment rate, the question is, are people prepared for employment and most importantly, entrepreneurship? If everyone expects to be employed, who will create the jobs? only 1% of the population is willing to take the entrepreneurship road. Is the Education system really building the kind of individuals we need in our society? Too much cramming. Too much focus on education.
Opio Isaac
Is there any program that international institution can come out with that can give youth opportunity with no strict condition like here in our country?
Young people have solutions to unemployment. Various governments and stakeholders should Listen to their ideas and voices of solutions they have.
Kizito Patrick
What is the 'real' correlation between youth lifestyles in Africa & innovation versus employment and with all factors constant, what are the underlying problems that responsible for the unemployment challenge?
Christoforos PAVLAKIS
How can we forge alliances among youth residing in Global South in a bid to elevate initiatives fostering youth employability ?
Matovu Abas
The big problem we have in Africa is the type of education we get, its more of producing job seekers than entrepreneurs.If World Bank can help in putting up vocational schools it will be better for the youth of this beautiful continent Africa.
Eliasa Rashid
What will be the future of entrepreneurs who start from scratch as there is the influx of graduates especially in Tanzania?
John Ndimbo
Bad leadership Corruption Bad democracy Failing to implement good development policy Are common challenges to create employment opportunities to African youth.
Oulimata Sarr
What does the World Bank intend to do in the area of vocational training
mutebi sulaiman
how can i manufacture gas to reduce on the deforestation rate in Uganda?