Africa Big Ideas 2014
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Africa Big Ideas 2014

Date: Monday, June 2nd, 2014 & Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
Time: June 2nd, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET & June 3rd, 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET (convert time).
Location: Online

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The Africa Big Ideas event, when the World Bank Africa Region celebrates excellence in research and analysis, will be held on June 2nd and 3rd. During two mornings of fast-paced presentations, project leaders from some of the most innovative Africa-related research projects across the Region, will share their development strategies and the results of their work.

Join us for a live discussion on health, agriculture, manufacturing, women’s economic empowerment, and much more. Submit your questions and comments now and hear directly from the presenters.

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Read what others are asking
mr gumel
Hello. my question is, how can african countries become well develop like brasil and india while a contry like nigeria moving without foreing reserved. and approving budget in the middle of the year. with 8.3 million dolla dept from world bank. crying.
Charles Chidi Paradise
Its a great ideal innovation to rebuild Africa starting from mental revolution amongst our Leaders which has reflection on our African Youths. T. D. Jakes said: "We can't change the world till we change our selves" C. C. Paradise said: "A Change within us has it's power to heal our World" The world has come to a Jet Age where an open minded people can embrace wisdom as a principal key for a change~ C. C. Paradise quote.
Victor Eugene
United States
When we look at the last couple of countries like Brazil,and India that have managed to move their economies from a 3rd world rank to self sufficient existence, they all have made giant steps towards technological development. Why doesn't Africa follow those countries footsteps and redefine its own future?
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Hope all the big ideas we're discussing here will be implemented and not only Africa but also the whole earth will look like heaven in coming century.
how did u see the causes , consequences of internal migration ?
Val Kalende
United States
Hi, my name is Val Kalende. I'm a Ugandan civil rights activist focusing on LGBT rights in Africa and student at Queen's University. My question to all panelists is: What is your #BigIdea for human rights and development in Africa?
Jennifer Mwikhoma
Hi, I work with African children,I would want to learn what are the innovative solutions to improve Afrocentric holistic Child development. What investments do Africa government have set post 2015. Thank you, Jennifer
Shiraz jaffer
I request the health Authority Should try small clinic or Dispensaries to be give to Public Private Partnership PPP For a trial I belive it will reduce alot of tense to the government
Brian Anusu
Can venture capitalism be a thriving industry within Africa.Most youth have inadequate financing of their projects and start up and with Africa having a majority youth can this be enhanced.
Ms Ijeoma Ononogbu
United Kingdom
With so many rhetorics on Africa over recent years, how do we as Africans engage ourselves on ensuring that the big ideas and potentials are maximised?
Mabil Ater
South Sudan
Why is World Bank focusing its funds on economic than Disadvantaged / most vulnerable families 2. Why dont World Bank support Africa artists
Wumi George
I am a young farmer. My question is how can my big ideas help your big ideas?
Philip Ashon
With the growing conversation across the world of the 'Internet of things' where over 500billion things are set to be connected to the internet, how are thought leaders on the continent working to plug Africa into the stream?
Kansiime Bruce
Africa has best brains but problem remains the mindset of the people,instabilities,limitted accessibilty to training facilities to acquire skills.
Papa amadou. Mbodji
Dear all I would like to ask about how to take into account infrastructure maintenance costs when formulating projects? Thank you in advance
charles mulaga
briefings on inroads made in research for vaccine,treatment for ebola,denge fever,hiv-aids....Felloships for needy african students
Addis A Molla
As Ethiopia builds its and Africa's largest electric Dam on Abay (internationally called 'Nile') river with a capacity to generate up to 6,000 mega watts of electricity, what is World Bank stance in this project and also the project's impact in lighting Ethiopia's energy thirsty economy and neighboring countries demand?
tadele belay
i am tadele, i am an event organizer here in ethiopia, why don't we stand up and mobilize, to unite Africa for a better success...organizing big events?
Rafael Barrio
I would like to know what’s is your opinion about the model developed in Europe (applicable to other regions such as africa), it started after the Second World War, where states took part in the function of generating employment through jobs, mainly related health, education and social services. it is possible their sustainability in a world where the globalization of markets and free movement of capital has meant that many products do not have national identity are investigated and developed in one country, in another are designed and its are manufactured in a third? thank you very much
Stephen Omondi Okoth
In countries with successful agriculture and agribusiness, policy interventions had objectives revolving around big commercial agriculture and secondary production. In Africa, the policy interventions on Agriculture seems to target small scale primary production hence the susceptibility to issues like seasonality, perishability and poor access to quality extension services, poor access to finances, poor management etc. How do we disentangle ourselves from this situation without excluding the small scale rural landowners?
Abdisamed Bashe
other countries called Africa the dark continent and always create a projects for developing Africa as we know two-third of money of the projects spent on the luxury of the managers, here i am asking you when we will pass through the dependent stage and become light continent. " if we are Africans we born in a responsibility"
Bereket balon
what kind of key role does world bank playing to motivate/encourage enterpreneurship in africa.
El Hadji Beye
Are there entities to promote clean energy projects in West Africa other than OPIC or Power Africa? Specifically African entities to assist with local government cooperation/participation in projects for permitting, integration in grid etc. If not, is it in the works?
Habib Bolaji Ibrahim
When and how will Afric catchup with rest of the world in terms of Agriculture, Health, Water, Energy, Technology, Infrastructures, Education, Economic and most importantly easy access to strong and solid financial capital outlay.
shuaibu Yaman Abdullahi
The only way African agriculture can be transformed from a mere subsitstence rural pastime is clearly through mechanization. Why then is no special attention paid to the issue of its acquisition, particularly, financial leverage?
Lalisa M
I am an Enonomics student of graduate question is that, while one country adopt some economic policies control the countr's foriegn curruncy holding it brings much more negetive impact on internal this may hurt the force of the countr's economy to go forward..regarding our economical stage..what would you like to advice us to balance this situation? i think this is agreate problem in ethiopia simultaniously whith dirty polotical system adopted here......
Kimani Njogu
I am a linguist based in Kenya. Many industrialized country had to develop a culture and language related to industry in their contexts, how can Africa develop a broad based culture of technology and the language to express it without leaving behind the bulk of the population?
Ovaha's Hut
We are a village and we are trying to make our lives move high with Agricultre, how can we get the assistance. Thanks