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Carolina Sanchez-Paramo

Practice Manager, Poverty Global Practice, World Bank Group

Carolina Sanchez, a Spanish national, is currently a Practice Manager in the Poverty Global Practice covering the Europe and Central Asia region at the World Bank. Prior to this assignment she was a Lead Economist in the same unit and the Regional Poverty Advisor. She joined the World Bank in 2000 as a Young Professional. Before her current assignment, she worked on operations, policy advice and analytical activities in Eastern Europe, Latin America and South Asia, as well as in the Poverty Unit of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network Anchor. She was also part of the core team working on the WDR2012, “Gender Equality and Development”.

Her main areas of interest and expertise include labor economics, poverty and distributional analysis, and welfare impacts of public policy. She has led reports on poverty, labor markets and economic growth in several countries, as well as social sector operations. She has published articles in refereed journals and edited books on the topics described above. Her current work focuses on poverty and inequality, labor markets, and the distributional impacts of economic policies and shocks, and redistribution and the state. Carolina has a PhD in Economics from Harvard University.