1 in 3: Multi-Disciplinary Art Exhibition on Gender-Based Violence
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1 in 3: Multi-Disciplinary Art Exhibition on Gender-Based Violence

Friday, May 23rd, 2014
Time: 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET (16:30 – 18:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: World Bank Headquarters (Preston) & Online

This event has concluded. View the replay below.

Join us for a public panel with artists and World Bank experts on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the role that art can play in tackling the epidemic.

GBV is a global epidemic that disproportionately affects women and girls. An estimated 1 in 3 women worldwide will be beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. GBV does not spare any socioeconomic class, ethnicity, race, or religion. The problem of violence against women and girls transcends international borders.

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Photographer, Afghanistan
Photographer, Albania/Germany
Actor and Film Producer, Nigeria
Painter, Papua New Guinea
Writer, Author, Italy
Painter, Chile
Poet, Iraq
Sector Manager, South Asia Region, World Bank
Sector Manager, Fragile States, Conflict and Social Development Unit, Africa Region, World Bank
Read what others are asking
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Education, right from early age, is the best solution to tackle problems of women, many believe this. May it be through moral education, and formal education. However, it's also true that if you claim here that, it's happening even in educated and high literate countries then, what could be the solution to this problem? Why can't it happen all over the world that by 1 January 2015 A.D. all women will be dealt or given equal status to that of men in all the Laws/ Legal framework around the world, in all the countries? Also, 'for coming 100 years (2015 to 2115 A.D. )there will be no war'....If such dramatic and drastic solutions are not implemented then trust me for millions of years wars will be fought and women will also be abused....which I believe none of us will like...Hope you'll discuss this all important point in your important discussion, please.
The question of gender based violation is the critical issue of the present society in day to day life. The parental education is also most vital issue to check the violence.What ever the laws concerned by United Nations and all others countries for the the particular issue. But the reality is totally different. The close association, close coordination and cooperation with the issues for mass involvement at grass root level for promoting and protecting the issue based violence and can be possible. N.K.PANDU-NBDP INDIA
Zosia Sztykowski
United States
Women and LGBTQ-identifying individuals across the globe face a great deal of gender-based discrimination and violence in public spaces -- a violence that is often normalized and ignored. Can the panelists speak to the value of public art in changing the norms that allow public sexual harassment and assault to continue?
Kim J.H.
Korea, Rep.
The non-physical aspects of violence is no less harmful nor important than the physical aspects. How is art making people be better aware, informed, and subsequently motivated to eradicate these, and would you say it's achieved this so far?
Dr. Ananh Norasingh
This type of events occur all over the world , especially the undevelopment countries.
Ok Min Cheol
Korea, Rep.
I think Exhibition will be helpful on Violence. There is more method to avoid Gender-based Violence. What can we do in small(individual) part??
Ann Kele
Can Arts stay alive at national level without state support ? In many countries of the world the artists have no right to express their views through their arts. What are the main globally accepted financial founds and organisations for the independent artists
Mireille Tushiminina
Congo, Dem. Rep.
GBV is still an unresolved issue in post -conflict DRC. How can Art positively impact the lives of the victims and perpetrators?
Ashley So Hee Park
Korea, Rep.
As the world is getting developed, gender-based violences are seem to disappear. But until these days, it happened so much. In my opinion, it would be the most important thing that to having some educations or something to change people's unconditional thinking. This kind of exhibition will help people to warning, but it's impact going to be gone after watch.So, to pursuade people (especially deep in mind), how can we try something? Is there some specific plan?
Korea, Rep.
Exhibition will be helpful to person who raised in nation that GBV is ordinary thing. they will notice what they did. also it can help who did GBV but was shamed to tell it louder. it is too sad thing, but in the world, there are many GBV. even though an advanced nations. Exhibitions will affect to them this is NOT shamed thing. i also agreed to abuse their own life, but it must be needed.
Lee da hee
Korea, Rep.
It is very helpful for people who violented woman. I want to know the way more people see this live stream. and how to help a people who suffered from be beaten, coerced into sex.
rachel cohen
What is powerful about these images is how they go far beyond words in being able to convey a complexity and depth of feeling. In this regard, I'd like to highlight the use of visual art in the process of healing from SGBV. One form this has taken in diverse cultures over time is the sewing of narrative textiles by women who have experienced violence. Women come together and tell their "UNSPEAKABLE" stories in graphic form by sewing them into cloth. As we understand more about the neurophysiology of trauma, we discover that trauma exists in images, and in the body, not in the verbal domain. Thus, artwork is uniquely able to communicate the experiences of trauma. For those who are interested, I have documented this phenomenon in a 10 minute film Common Threads https://vimeo.com/84129707. Please visit www.commonthreadsproject.net to learn about a comprehensive recovery approach inspired by this widespread cultural practice of women.
Kim J.H,
Korea, Rep.
Non-physical violence tends to be undermined, but it's potentially as harmful (if not more) as physical violence. Considering this, how is art helping people to be better aware, informed, and motivated about eradicating violence and improving the lives of those who suffer because of gender discrimination?
Bilal Khan
Gender violence is one of the main problem in the society, why is that as humans are becoming more educated it seems to be they are not, why the things like violence in society are raising except then the elimination of gender discrimination and code of ethic are denied.
George Umosen
United States
I want to know what the World Bank is willing to do to support the spread of this information using film and Television as a medium since they are now partnering with a super star like Stella Damasus. I know people gather and talk a lot about issues like this but the truth is the common people out there who are directly affected by these crimes (as I will describe it) are not educated enough to even understand these terminologies and long speeches. But they can Identify with the stars they see on TV and films. What are the steps being taken to ensure that this is not just a one off thing? Thanks you.